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Check out "How to Irritate your friends" for some real fun. If you haven't gone through the Ant jokes, you're missing a chance to be the best joke-teller in your group..
If you think programming is cool, then check out the Recursion section. You'll love it.
My new Guest book is ready! Don't forget to sign it before you leave. And also check out all my friends sites. We're a cool bunch. : )





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Programming Jokes
Recursion is all about programming "smart" games and solving mind-boggling problems. A quick tutorial to start with. Jokes section.
Ant Jokes - The kind of jokes that'll make you a hero.
Irritate your Friends!
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About me - Everything you didn't want to know about me.
My Resume - If you are interested in hiring a programmer.
Check out www.coolcomps.net
All my friends' wonderful sites are described below. Don't miss any.

Don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave!

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